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FHA Financing

The misconception about FHA financing is that these loans are only for first time buyers, but that is not the case. Anyone buying a primary residence can utilize FHA financing. FHA gives buyers with a little more debt and a less than perfect credit history the opportunity to buy a home.

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Conventional Financing

Often viewed as a 20% down payment only option, Conventional Financing actually allows as low as a 3% down payment option for first time buyers and a 5% down payment for not first time buyers purchasing a primary residence. If you have a great FICO score, 3% - 5% down, and a conservative credit profile, Conventional Financing is for you.

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VA Financing

Veterans Affairs (VA) Financing... The name says it all! Statistically, one of the best-performing loans, VA Financing is for veterans of Active Military, The National Guard, The Reserves, etc... With a 0% down payment and no monthly mortgage insurance option, VA Financing is one of the best ways we can say 'Thank You!' to our heroes of the Armed Forces.

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